Meizu Pro 6 May Not Feature 3D Touch

by Dimitris Economou 1

Earlier this month, Yang Yan, Meizu‘s Flyme Chief Designer, wrote on Twitter that Meizu Pro 6 will bring a new way of interacting with the device and from the image posted, we assumed that it will be something like the 3D Touch function found in iPhone 6S/6S Plus and Apple Watch.

Meizu 3D Touch

If the above information is true, Meizu Pro 6 will join the club of limited devices on the Android camp to support this feature, along with Huawei Mate S. This will be something important for Meizu.

Sadly, the latest news aren’t so good. A recent video that emerged, shows a working device that lacks the 3D-Touch feature. It is said that the manufacturing process to achieve an effect similar to Apple’s is too difficult and if it finally reaches production, it will be something similar to Huawei’s function. You can watch the video following this link.