UMi Apologizes For Delay In Shipping Its Touch Smartphone, Overselling To Blame

by Suhaib 0

UMI Touch, the brand’s latest flagship device is facing delivery delays and the company has posted a message for UMI customers who have booked this smartphone on their official forum. Overselling of the UMI Touch during the pre-sale period is largely responsible for the delivery delays. According to UMI, a staggering 50,000 units of UMI Touch were sold in the month of March alone.

umi touch

The large number of orders have disrupted their delivery schedule due to which this smartphone has not been delivered to many who had booked it earlier. Another reason for causing the delivery delays is the holidays during the Chinese new year which slowed down the production leading to a limited number of units for delivery.

umi touch delivery delay

To compensate the delivery delay, UMI has increased the speed of its production line and are expanding the production schedules on weekends as well as holidays to make up for it. UMI has made it clear that they will fulfill all the pre-sale orders by April 12.