Nubia Z11 Mini To Feature A Small Display?

by Dimitris Economou 1

Today’s Chinese smartphone market consists mainly of copying features between manufacturers while they try to differentiate from rival companies by adding their own way of doing things. Vivo’s selling point is the thin design, Meizu brought the mBack home key that acts both as a fingerprint sensor, back key and home key all in one key, hinting at Apple’s approach. Samsung S6 Edge has brought double-curved display to the game, opening a window to new ways of interacting with a smartphone.

Now, ZTE, via its Nubia series, seems to be bringing back in the game the small form factor that just recently was revived by Apple iPhone SE. On April 19, Nubia event will be held by ZTE’s subsidiary company to announce its new models for the year and from the teaser Nubia published, we can assume that something small, almost fitting in a wallet, is on the way.

Nubia Z11 teaser


New Nubia slogan advertises “Small World, Big Difference”, almost confirming the Nubia Z11 Mini debut. As you can see in the poster above, Nubia aims at a generic philosophy turn, by avoiding to show the design of the device. Instead, it focuses on the fact that the device fits in a wallet. This can either mean that the whole device dimensions are reduced or just the thinness of the device.

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Previously, Nubia brand co-founder @NiFei posted a poll on Weibo regarding the ideal display size of a smartphone and the results showed that most users prefer a 4.7″-5″ display size rather than the huge 5.2″-5.7″ displays most smartphones carry nowadays. This result seems to have made @NiFei “happy”. Maybe because the new Nubia Z11 Mini sports just the -desired from most users- dimension.

So, what do you prefer? A small sized screen or a large 5.5-inch+ one?