799 Yuan Meizu M3 Note teardown: Thin and durable

by Dimitris Economou 1

A few days ago, Meizu released its new Meizu M3 Note with metal body, fingerprint sensor and 4100mAh battery, at 799 Yuan ($120), along with Meizu’s most beautiful all-metal design so far, so thin, that it’s even thinner by 0.5mm than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3  and the camera is not protruding.

In order to explore the internal workmanship and materials used, it168 performed a teardown of the device.

The main body is held to the frame with two screws at the bottom of the device (like the iPhone) and with clips all around the rest of the body. The shell has a three-stage design, consisting of the outer aluminum shell, plastic casing on the inside along with the antennas. The part where the battery sits, is thinner than the rest of the casing, in order to fit the 4.100mAh battery inside the 8.2mm body.

M3 Note Bottom

The front camera module is the same as in the M2 Note and Meizu Metal and the RAM/Storage 2GB/16GB combo is made from Samsung.

M3 Note Camera Module

It168 says M3 Note does not use additional cooling methods such as copper sheets or graphite stickers, assuming that the heat produced by Helio P10 in not very high. You can check out the entire teardown pictures from here.

M3 Note backcover