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Latest Teaser About Meizu Pro 6’s Camera Unknowingly Mocks Its Previous Flagship

by Dimitris Economou 4

Two days from now, on April 13, Meizu is going to announce its new model of the Pro Series, the Meizu Pro 6. And the last few days have been far from low profile for Meizu. Some days ago, Meizu mocked other devices with fast charging technology and now it was time for its own device to become a victim of sarcasm.

Today, Meizu released a poster about the event that’s taking place in two days and it said: “They talk to you about many MP’s (Megapixels) but they don’t tell you how much the lens will be protruding”.

Meizu Mocking


Judging from the message, it’s safe to assume that Meizu’s Pro 6 will have a flat surface on the back, unlike iPhone 6/6S or Galaxy S6/S7 (and others).

Meizu Poster


All would be good and funny if it weren’t for… Meizu’s own device that has all these “flaws”! So, let’s see what we have: High-Megapixel cameras and protruding lenses. Like the following picture. Yes, Meizu stepped on a banana peal and mocked its own last year’s flagship, the Meizu Pro 5!

Meizu Pro 5 Rear Camera

The Pro 5 has a huge 20.1MP rear camera fitting into a 7.5mm thin body, something that forced the company to let it protrude out of the body. The Meizu Pro 6 isn’t out yet, but it’s already being rude to his little brother so we can assume that one of the following is true: Either the Pro 6 is thicker and a big sensor can fit easily into it or a lower MP sensor is chosen for this years’ flagship. Not necessarily worse than last years’, something like what Samsung did from S6 to S7. In two days we’ll find out and we are excited about that!


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  • balcobomber25

    This is more about mocking current flagships than past models.

    • quodvadis

      The article has a point though, something fanboys would intentionally miss so I understand.

      • balcobomber25

        Yea but that point could be made about any new feature launch. If Samsung has an add next year about battery life on their flagship they are essentially mocking the S6 and S7.

  • Flavi

    I am very excited with this phone! I still believe the camera of Meizu MX5 (IMX220) is better than the one in Meizu Pro 5 (IMX230) based on the pixel-level image comparisons that I have seen from the camera of these devices. IMX220 with a 4-axis OIS would be awesome, and with a full-pledged manual mode (crazy 420s shutter speed in Meizu Pro 5), that would be mind-blowing!