Save money, fix it yourself: Vernee Thor (Video)

by Dimitris Economou 5

Nowadays, more and more users become familiar with fixing their smartphones for a variety of reasons. Either it is because of expensive official support or the lack of it locally, many people buy their repair parts online and fix -or at least try to- their smartphones. The most common repair is the display replacement as, unfortunately, no display is shatter-proof.

But, as manufacturing process evolves and companies try to differentiate from its rivals, tearing down a device has become harder and harder. Take the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for example, as it is considered by many the best smartphone right now. Apart from it beautiful design and capabilities, iFixit, the well-known site for amateur and professional technicians, gave the S7 Edge a repairability score of just 3/10, meaning it is one of the most difficult devices to repair right now.

S7 Edge Repair

Yesterday, Vernee uploaded a video, demonstrating how easy it is to tear down the Vernee Thor. In the video we can see that disassembling the device is almost a piece of cake by just unscrewing a few screws and disconnecting a few connectors for various parts like the camera module, display, charging port, etc.

It’s nice to see that there are still devices that one can fairly easily repair by himself at low cost. Below you can watch the aforementioned video. So, do you repair your devices on your own?