Vernee Apollo is world’s first smartphone With 2mm Thick Titanium Alloy Back Cover

by Suhaib 2

Nowadays most of the smartphones are all about metal. Smartphone makers around the globe are going for metal for their flagship devices as well as mid-range smartphones. The new smartphone from Vernee, the Apollo has took the internet by storm.

vernee apollo

The latest news about the Vernee Apollo is that this smartphone comes with a 2mm thick titanium alloy back cover and this is the first smartphone in the world to do so. Vernee Apollo has totally redefined the way we used to look at the all metal smartphones. Vernee has taken the “all metal” design to the very next level. It uses cutting edge technology and internal integration technology to make this ultra hard back cover smartphone. Below are some images of this smartphone.

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The back cover of Vernee Apollo is about 2-3 times more harder than any other metal smartphone. Another smartphone from Vernee that goes by the name of Thor is in pre-sale stage and Vernee Apollo and Vernee Apollo Lite will be released later this year.