Top 7 Chinese Phones Compared: Featuring Ulefone Power, OUKITEL K6000 Pro & More!

by Martin 4

Today, the Chinese market is flooded with smartphones powered by MT6753 octa-core chipset. This makes things really hard for buyers out there, to decide which one of these smartphones would be the best for them. Of course, each buyer will have his / her own set of preferences, but in this comparison today, we will take a look at some of the important features of a phone and help you decide which one is ideal for you. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at the top 7 smartphones powered by MT6753.

chinese phone comparison chart

The 7 smartphones that we will be taking into consideration in today’s comparison are Jiayu S3+, Doogee F5, Ulefone Power, OUKITEL K6000 Pro, Leagoo Elite 1, UMi Touch and Elephone P8000.


Let’s first look at the Jiayu S3+. The phone comes with a plastic back cover which makes it lighter than others. However, it feels quite slippery and is not very good to hold.

The Elephone P8000 also features a plastic back cover, but you have a textured back which ensures some sort of grip. The phone’s design is traditional, but the texture gives it a unique look.

Next up is the Doogee F5, which is once again a plastic device. The design is a bit different than others, but it looks well built.

Coming to the OUKITEL K6000 Pro, the phone is made out of metal and comes with a solid design. The phone features one of the biggest batteries in the segment, a 6000mAh battery, and hence, is a bit weighted. But that’s shouldn’t be a big issue. Even the UMi Touch is a metal smartphone,  featuring more curved edges than the K6000 Pro. And finally, you have the Ulefone Power, another device with a super large battery. But the back cover is actually made out of wood, making it unique.

Looks are a matter of personal preference, so we would leave it up to you to decide which one you prefer. You can check out the video below for more information about the design.

chinese phone comparison


After the body, the next thing that defines a smartphone is its screen. Since it covers most of the front, it is necessary you have a good quality display on board. In the video below, you can see that at full brightness the OUKITEL K6000 Pro turns out to be the most balanced one. The P8000 and the Touch have warmer colors while the Power and the Elite 1 comes with a bluish tint on the display.

UMI Touch, K6000 Pro and Ulefone Power also lead in this department by using a 2.5D high-density glass for better looks. On the other hand, apart from the Doogee F5, P8000 and UMi Touch, rest of the phones seem to feature an anti-fingerprint coating on the screens.


All the six smartphones used in the comparison feature MT6753 and 3GB of RAM. Also, except for Leagoo, Ulefone and OUKITEL models which have 32GB ROM, rest all have 16GB of internal storage.

The camera is the standard 13MP at the back and 5MP up front. But the UMi Touch does have an edge, featuring LED flash up front, which could aid in selfies.


UMi Touch and OUKITEL K6000 Pro are the winners in here, featuring the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box. In fact, OUKITEL K6000 Pro comes with the new Android 6.0.1 version. Rest of the models have Android 5.1 on board.


The battery is one of the most important features of a smartphone. OUKITEL K6000 Pro and Ulefone Power are really the champs here, with a 6000mAh capacity battery on board. What’s more, they charge at a faster rate than others making sure that despite its large battery, it will fill up pretty soon.

One special mention here, the OUKITEL K6000 Pro is splash proof, dust proof as well as shock proof making it one of the sturdiest phones in the lot. So you don’t have to worry about damaging the phone during your everyday usage.


When we compare the official price tag, the Jiayu S3+ is the cheapest at $149.99 and the OUKITEL K6000 Pro is the costliest at $179.99. However, there are many retailers who are selling these phones at a cheaper price tag.

Overall, it looks like the UMi Touch and OUKITEL K6000 Pro are the consumer favorites. The K6000 Pro does have an edge with the new Android Marshmallow OS, 32GB RAM, and a large 6000mAh battery. It’s on pre-sale at $169.99.

So, which one would you pick among these 7 phones?