Vernee Thor Fingerprint Unlock Speed VS iPhone 6S VS Le Eco Le MAX

by Suhaib 0

Vernee Thor has been in the news for quite some time now for its features and specifications and the attractive price that it comes with. Recently Vernee made public the Antutu performance score of this smartphone which was 38,000 points. This smartphone leaves behind all the 5-inch display smartphones with Mt6753 in terms of performance.


Vernee has revealed the fingerprint sensor details used in this smartphone. Vernee Thor will be using the same fingerprint sensor that Samsung has used in its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. It uses Egis ET310EB fingerprint sensor developed by Egis Technology Inc. This fingerprint sensor is quite fast and unlocks the device in just 0.15 seconds.


In addition to that, this fingerprint sensor is capable of reading your fingerprint in 360 degrees and can read up to 5 sets of fingerprints. Vernee has stated that Thor will be featuring the fastest fingerprint sensor among all the smartphones powered by MediaTek chipsets and the reason behind it is the high sensitivity of fingerprint recognition module and great algorithm optimization. Vernee has released a video showing the fingerprint sensor in work.