360 N4 Possible Render Emerge Showing Off A Curved Body

by Dimitris Economou 5

Some days ago, Zhou Hongyi posted on Weibo that the new 360 smartphone will be equipped with Helio X20 SoC. Today, Zhou posted that after spending two weeks with the device, he found the device to be “fun” asking the users if it would be their next phone.

360 N4 Helio X20

In the meantime, the company released a teaser poster saying “See you on Monday”. This probably means that the device will be announced on Monday or there will be more info regarding the device specs.

360 N4 Poster

After Zhou Hongyi’s post on Weibo that the device is “fun” and after the poster that shows a Rubik’s Cube with some numbers on it, other users started guessing what those numbers and the cube means, trying to figure out some of the characteristics of the new device. Others said that that there will be not only one device, but more in the N4 Series, some said that the numbers indicate the location of the event that the 360 N4 will be announced.

Almost at the same time, a render showed up that is supposed to be the 360 N4, showing a device with all-curved body and the top back part protruding a little. Maybe the company has something interesting for us, regarding the camera setup. Confirmation of the Helio X20 SoC, could mean that the device will carry 6GB RAM. Nevertheless, all this mystery has brought the hype up and we look forward to Monday when more info will available.

360 N4 Render