Huawei 2K Device Coming This Year?

by Dimitris Economou 0

About a year ago, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong had expressed the opinion that a 2K display on a mobile device is an overstatement and more of a gimmick, as there will be little to no difference to the users’ eyes when comparing 1080p to 2K and that this resolution would only make battery life and performance worse.

Huawei 2K mocking

Today, Yu Chengdong posted some answers on Weibo to reply to users’ questions regarding 2K displays on Huawei devices. Although he questioned the usefulness of such displays on mobile devices last year, today he acknowledged that many users would prefer a 2K display over a 1080p and that Huawei is making big efforts to achieve a technological breakthrough.

Chungdong Twitter

As he noted, “last year I would certainly not buy a 2K device as the power consumption was high and the difference to my eyes non-existent. But now I have changed my mind and my next phone will be 2K as I like VR!”

Certainly, VR is the next big thing and Huawei, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world has made its move this year by announcing a VR headset. But 2K display is necessary for the best VR experience and no Huawei phone carries a 2K screen until now. Something tells us that it will be coming soon.