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UMI Touch 2 Coming With Helio X25 For $179.99

by Suhaib 6

UMI successfully launched UMI Touch, the smartphone sporting a metallic build. A new smartphone will soon be joining the UMI Touch family and that smartphone is UMI Touch 2. UMI is looking forward to offer a smartphone with premium design and good build quality and that too at affordable prices.

umi touch 2

Though, not much information is available about the features and specifications of this upcoming smartphone but it is purported that UMI Touch 2 will be powered by a Helio X25 chipset, the slightly upgraded version of Helio X20. Rest of the features of this soon to be announced smartphone is a mystery yet and we expect more details to emerge in the following weeks.

UMI Touch 2 is purported to be priced at $179.99 which comes to around 1170 Yuan. When will UMI unveil this smartphone is not clear yet but we can guess that this smartphone will be unveiled soon as more and more smartphones powered by Helio X25 are being launched in the market.

If UMI want to capitalize on the power of Helio X25, then it will not delay the launch of UMI Touch 2. Stay Tuned for more information on this smartphone.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    wth .. too soon !?

  • AshrafChopan

    Looks like a great phone compared to Le2

  • Lubemark

    But Helio X25 should’nt be Meizu exclusive for some month?

    • Karly Johnston

      Meizu lied about many things.

    • bizjonny

      China prove again, everything is possible!!! LOL

  • roni24

    add 10$ to the price for gorilla glass and make this phone better