UMi SUPER to have Super AMOLED Screen

by Dimitris Economou 0

One of the innovations that Samsung has offered to the mobile industry, is the development of the Super AMOLED displays. The advantage of these displays other than the deep blacks and beautiful colors is that the touch digitizer is placed directly on the display and is so thin (at 0.001mm) making the display less reflective and with great visibility even in direct sunlight.

UMI Super

Today, an insider leaked the news that UMI Super will probably use Super AMOLED to make it as “Super Screen” and live up the name “UMI Super”.

This will also help the device to be used along with the new VR Headset that UMI released and can be purchased on Amazon as Super AMOLED displays are ideal for use with VR Headsets as long as they have high resolution.

There is no info on when the new device will be announced, so while you’re waiting, why not try your luck and apply for the UMI Touch giveaway that UMI is running right now?