WLtoys Q333: A DJI Inspire 1 Clone 30 times cheaper!

by Dimitris Economou 2

Many Chinese companies have been accused of being copycats of big and recognizable companies, creating clone products that resemble well-established devices. Apple and Samsung have been the most copied companies as their iPhone and Galaxy S Series are extremely popular.

Nevertheless, there also are Chinese companies such as DJI that produce original and popular drones, especially the Phantom and Inspire Series.

WLtoys Q333

So, this time, we have a Chinese company, ripping off another Chinese company, as China-based drone maker WLtoys, just made a DJI Inspire 1 clone, the WLtoys Q333 which is essentially a knock-off of the Inspire 1 but a hell lot more affordable!

How much more affordable? Well, the DJI Inspire 1 costs about $3,000 and the WLtoys Q333 sells for just $94! Of course, the difference in price comes along with a difference in specs, so, for less than $95 you get a full 5.8GHz FPV platform including the drone, a (0/3 mega-pixel/VGA) camera on it, a monitor attached to the controller and everything else required to make it work as well as a 4GB microSD card so you can start shooting right away. Just for a comparison, the DJI Inspire 1 comes with a 13MP camera capable of 4K video recording and with 4,500mAh battery with an option to upgrade to a higher capacity.

We think that it is ideal for a starting kit for anyone who wants to start a drone hobby. What do you think?WLtoys Q333

WLtoys Q333





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