UMi “Super” Series to deliver affordable flagships

by Dimitris Economou 2

Since the first UMi flagship device, the UMi Zero, two years have passed and the company has come a long way constantly improving its devices. The latest device, the UMi Touch, is a perfect example of the improvement that has occurred over the years.

UMI Touch Gold

UMi is one of the few China-based companies that explore the potential of international markets. Taking advantage of this experience and observation, UMi has come to concluding that when it comes to smartphone designing, most flagships that offer high end performance are usually too expensive while a bigger battery means heavier devices, something that manufacturers try to avoid. Lastly, there isn’t a device that could satisfy a user completely in all aspects, such as design, performance, software and price.

And that is the problem that the “Super” Series is coming to solve, providing the market with well designed, flagship-grade performance at an affordable price devices.

As the company stated: “Super, meaning constantly innovating and surpass ourselves, bringing the art & craft to the technology, the premium to the technology, bringing every device based on Customer-centered. ”

The first super phone will be supported by well-known brands like SAMSUNG, SONY, Google and so on, because of the excellence users-experience which UMi dedicated to bring to.

UMi Super

UMi is so excited about the upcoming UMi Super that it gives the chance for a $70 coupon to pre-order the device in advance of its official presale start. You can subscribe here for the coupon.