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Vkworld G1 Giant Coming Soon With Impressive Battery Life & Cheap Pricing

by Dimitris Economou 5

In a few days Vkworld is announcing a new smartphone and for its price tag, it will carry an impressive set of specs. 
First comes the 5000mAh that is going to give the handset an impressive battery life and the camera that has a triple flash to accompany the 13MP+8MP camera.  The industrial design is also there to wrap all the specs in a beautiful body.
Vkworld G1 Giant
So, the device will feature an industrial design with brushed, curved back cover, 2.5D glass on the display and very slim bezels, giving the G1 Giant an 80% screen to body ratio.
Vkworld G1 Giant
A screen that is probably going to stay on long time on one charge as from measurements that have emerged, it seems to have a very good power management. Below you can see some of the results that came up after the battery test:
G1 spent 18% of battery power for 2 hours of gaming, 13% for 2 hours of video playback, 7% for 2 hours of web-browsing, 5% for 2 hours of calling, 3% for 2 hours of music playback.
As for the camera setup, the G1 will sport a 13MP rear camera with 28mm 1.22μm sensor F2.0 and dual camera flash that in theory gives the device better low-light performance. The front camera has 8MP sensor with 88°wide shooting angle and a flash.

The best part is its price that is going to be just $130 and it will start selling in a few days. We are eager to get our hands on it. There are some details still missing like the processor, but we hope to get more details soon.

Meanwhile, you can check out their official website for more details.

Vkworld G1 Giant

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  • Ahmed Shahzad

    I like the design of Vkworld giant G1,
    But i already have bought a Maya at $69.99, and get notification that the order can be shipped on today July 10th.

  • Rakesh jain

    100 Sets of vkworld T1 Plus and other models for FREE. Global Pre-Sale for vkworld T1 Plus Kratos begin. for more detail check of vkworld website or official vkworld facebook page.

  • AndrTech

    This is a device of vkworld with highest specification right now. But the latest T1 Plus is cool too, and it is only $109.99, let’s go and check it.

  • Rakesh Jain

    100 Sets of vkworld T1 Plus & other smartphone models for FREE. Global Pre-Sale for vkworld T1 Plus Kratos begin. for more detail check of vkworld website or vkworld official facebook page.

  • Lennald

    This phone is good, there is one video showing that it can replace the TV BOx easily. vkworld made a tutorial video for it on its youtube channel.