Huawei Honor Band A1: A MiBand rival

by Dimitris Economou 2

On today’s event, Huawei also announced a smart band, the Honor Band A1 along with the Huawei Honor V8 and Honor VR.

Honor Band A1 comes in 8 colors and two materials, rubber and leather, costing 99 Yuan ($14) and 199 Yuan ($28) respectively.

Honor A1~2

As for its functions, the band can distinguish whether you are walking, running or cycling with an impressive recognition rate of 97.14% and an accuracy rate of 97.64%. Of course, it supports sleep monitoring and can distinguish between a nap and a regular sleep and analyzes the quality of your sleep to help you sleep better.

Huawei Honor Band A1


A unique feature is that it has UV light monitoring function to measure the UV intensity of the sunlight, providing sunscreen recommendations for you.

Huawei Honor Band A1

The bracelet has is now listed on Jingdong Mall to make an appointment, and will go on sale May 25, 2016.

The band is out for demonstration at the Huawei shop in Jingdong Mall as well.

Huawei Honor Band A1

Huawei Honor Band A1

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