Donkey Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Now Available For $148.99

by Suhaib 0

Donkey has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner which automatically cleans your hardwood flooring as well as hard carpets. It is a remote controlled vacuum cleaner and there is a video below which you can check out to determine how does it work.

Donkey automatic robot floor cleaner has been listed on online store LightInTheBox.Com for a discounted price of $148.99 which comes around to 970 Yuan. Its original price is $193.69 (1260 Yuan) so you are getting a discount of about $45.


Donkey automatic floor cleaner comes with a charging base and offers an operating time of 90 minutes. It starts cleaning as it becomes fully charged and when the charging level is low it starts recharging automatically which is quite incredible for a vacuum cleaner. It comes with many cleaning features like:

  • random clean
  • edge clean
  • spot clean
  • zigzag clean

It is ideal for cleaning composite floor boards, marble, hardwood flooring, hard carpet etc. It comes with many salient features like:

  • self recharging
  • fall avoidance
  • along wall movement
  • scheduled cleaning

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