Cubot enters the VR market

by Dimitris Economou 1

As a small number of powerful Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have already entered or plan to, Cubot leading VR plans to enter the market as well.

Starting from VR glasses, the follow-up product line will be gradually enriched. At its first attempt, Cubot will strictly control the weight of VR glasses to ensure a comfortable experience for consumers.

Cubot VR Glasses

The current plans include two affordable VR glasses to give all users a good visual experience. CUBOT has a variety of models such as Cubot Dinosaur and Cheetah, this year’s flagship model in the market. Two high-profile flagship phones with a high-resolution display that are great for VR experience and will hopefully bring an unprecedented user experience.

VR glasses is something new presented and we are really curious to try them on.

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