UMi Super to have an “Edge” version flagship killer?

by Dimitris Economou 2

Today UMi finally revealed the real image of their dual-camera phone. It’s the UMi Super Edge, which is probably going to feature 6GB RAM since they might want to make it different from the current UMi Super phone. UMi Super Edge was previously teased to carry the tradition of UMi ZERO display – Super AMOLED but without bezels. From the curve of the phone on the picture, we believe it won’t be a curved Super AMOLED screen like the Samsung S7 edge. Furthermore, the UMi Super Edge is likely to get on Android 7.0 out of the box.

UMi Super Edge

Apparently the UMi Super edge will come with a metal chassis, 6GB RAM with Android 7.0, USB Type C, AMOLED display without bezel and UMi plans to sell for around $300. Judging by the speed of UMi’s launches though, we don’t expect to see the final device until after summer, as Android 7.0 isn’t ready yet and it won’t be sooner that this fall.

We are awaiting for more detail info of this Super edge phone, while you can already make a subscription for a $70 coupon to pre-order UMi Super for only $179.99 on May 23rd.

If you are interested here is where you can subscribe.