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CEO Reveals ZUK Z2 Render, New Model Coming This Month

by Joe 2

Chinese companies seem to be impatient when it comes to launching new smartphones. Traditionally, companies used to wait for a few months at least to launch a new model, but now, every month we are seeing new product launches from the same manufacturer. Meizu unveiled three new phones in a single month, Huawei released two flagship series models in consecutive months and now Lenovo backed ZUK is all set to release their second smartphone this year, called simply as the ZUK Z2. The previous model which was released late April was called as the ZUK Z2 Pro, so considering the name, this should be a slightly toned down version of the flagship model. The 6GB  + 128GB ROM variant of the Z2 Pro is available for sale, but there’s still no word on the 4GB + 64GB version. In fact, the company didn’t reveal any details about the pricing or availability of the second version at the time of the launch. Could ZUK rebrand this 4GB RAM model as the Z2? We aren’t sure, but read on for more details.

zuk z2 render

Design wise, there aren’t many changes. The new render reveals that the position of the camera module will be different than on the Z2 Pro. Instead of placing everything in the center, the company has positioned the camera sensor on the top left corner. Laser Autofocus seems to be absent on this device. Rest of the design, including the physical rectangular home button, speaker grill and USB port at the bottom and the buttons on the right seem to be exactly as the ZUK Z2 Pro model. In addition to this render, we also got reports that the phone will feature a 2.5D double glass design and will come with the company’s U-Touch fingerprint ID.

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This ZUK Z2 model will be announced this month, confirmed the company CEO. While we are unsure of the specs of the device, expect them to be upper mid-range. This should also drive down its cost as compared to the Z2 Pro model which means consumers will have another great mid-range alternative at an affordable price point.

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  • illystor

    I don’t mind a little change up of the design (though the Z2 Pro that we’ve seen honestly looks pretty nice) but I do hope that there aren’t other changes in the camera department beyond the autofocus solution. The thing that is currently really drawing me to the Z2 Pro is, at least on paper, it boasts a pretty impressive camera setup. f/1.8 with OIS, if the implementation is good, could be a really powerful combo. It’s a big ‘if’, I know.

  • jimberkas

    any word on if Zuk will be releasing a US version of this phone or at least a version that will include US bands?