CHUWI HiPen H1 For Chuwi Hi12 Tablet launched

by Dimitris Economou 0

CHUWI is a well known and established tablet maker in China since the time Windows was not so practical on a tablet i.e. long before Windows 8. Since Microsoft decided to redesign its OS and make it touch friendly, more and more Chinese manufacturers present their proposal delivering impressive-speced tablets that are powered by Windows 10 and -in many cases- dual boot with Android.

This is the case with the new CHUWI Hi12 that carries an impressive and massive (for a tablet) display and good specs with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The only thing that was missing to complete the package was a stylus, an accessory that the Microsoft Surface Pro had implemented from the beginning.

HiPen H1

CHUWI comes to solve that by introducing its stylus specifically for Hi12, the HiPen H1 with interesting specs that you can see below:

Main Features:

Active touch chipset, 256 levels pressure sensitivity
1.2 mm pen tip, 13.9 cm length and 16 g weight
Two function buttons: Can realize the left/right mouse button click
Auto sleep function for power saving, can be continuously used about 250 hours

Device Type : Active
Key A for Left mouse button function
Key B for Right mouse button function
Voltage :1.5V
Power Supply : AAAA battery
Rated working power consumption : (1.5V) less than 720uA
Rated Standby power consumption : (1.5V) less than 60uA pressure
sensitivity : 256 levels Tip size : 1.2mm/1.6mm
Writing accuracy : <2mm
Writing angle: > 30 degrees
Rate : 100Hz Connectivity
Technology : Wireless
Material : Aluminum

Official price: $29.9

The stylus pen accessory is available now along with the keyboard dock that transforms the tablet into a 2-in-one device at a great price.

HiPen H1 HiPen H1 HiPen H1