Huawei P9 & Honor V8 Shipments Around 2 Million Every Month Says Analyst

by Suhaib 0

2016 has witnessed the launch of many heavy duty flagship devices from many reputed manufacturers until now. Though some of the devices were unveiled months back, people still are waiting to get their hands on their favorite device. The main reason for this is that brands are not able to match up the demand and supply ratio. Demand is higher than supply, which is taking a toll on the device makers one way or the other.

Huawei P9 Line

Xiaomi Mi 5 was announced back in February and there are about thousands, if not millions of customers who are waiting for their turn to get this phone. According to research director of IHS China, Kevin Wang, Xiaomi Mi 5’s current production capacity is around 700,000 units on a monthly basis. Similarly, Huawei Mate 8 which was unveiled back in December 2015 has a production capacity of 900,000 units which is slightly more than that of Mi 5.

OPPO is sailing smoothly with the OPPO R9 as it has a production capacity of around 2 million units on a monthly basis which is almost triple when compared to Xiaomi Mi 5. Proceeding in the same fashion, it has been revealed by an analyst that Huawei P9 and Honor V8 are accounting for around 2 million shipments for Huawei a month. Huawei reportedly has a target of 10 million units for its P9 series and it seems like they will be able to reach somewhere close to this figure soon.

Further, Honor V8 went for sale yesterday with a stock of 208,000 units and it will again go for sale next Tuesday. Looking at these figures we can say that Huawei smartphones are covering up and doing a far better job than Xiaomi, at least in the top-end segment.