OnePlus 3 Feels Good To Hold, Reveals CEO Pete Lau

by Suhaib 0

OnePlus is doing what it does best i.e. create hype for upcoming smartphones. OnePlus 3 is going to be unveiled soon and just ahead of launch the CEO of OnePlus , Liu Zuohu (aka Pete Lau) has hyped the upcoming flagship smartphone once again. He revealed recently that OnePlus 3 feels good while holding. Given that OnePlus has always given user experience a top priority, this could be an indication that the new model is even better. But we will reserve our judgement until we see the actual device.

Below is what he posted.


OnePlus 3 was rumored to be launched on May 18 which we have seen is not true. The brand has not disclosed an official release date but it might be soon. New rumors say that the launch could be on May 28, which we will have to wait and see.

OnePlus 3 has leaked several times over the past couple of weeks and design of the smartphone seems to be inspired from another OEM.

OnePlus 3

Though specifications of this phone have leaked time and again, as a reminder, this smartphone is purported to feature a 5.5-inch 1080p display and will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset. It is expected to be available in 4GB and 6GB RAM variants. In addition to that, it will be housing a fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone.  A 16MP rear snapper might be present to capture crystal clear photos. It will come with a hoard of connectivity features like 4G LTE, NFC and VoLTE.

Stay Tuned for more details in the coming days.