UHANS offers A 2-year warranty for global users

by Dimitris Economou 0

In an unexpected but certainly mostly welcome move, UHANS announced that the company will be offering a 2-year warranty for all for its global costumers. As UHANS stated, the product itself and the service from the company should always go hand in hand. So, the company decided to build its brand around quality and support so it offers the 2-year warranty globally unlike other companies that keep popping devices all the time and then leaving them without any serious support.

Uhans S1


To facilitate the after sales service, UHANS has pre-installed a Service Center app onto their upcoming devices which users can use it as a portal to get help and send feedback. Probably, this is the reason why the UHANS S1 hasn’t yet shipped as the company decided to rewrite the original Freeme OS and make it much cleaner and very close to pure Android 6.0. Less customization on behalf of the companies is a good thing, as updates will be easier to deliver. The S1 orders are expected to begin shipping by the end of May.

UHANS Service Center