First Vernee Thor CM13 ROM coming!

by Dimitris Economou 1

Vernee has taken customer satisfaction very seriously and as a part of that satisfaction, the company launched the Kernel Code Opening Project to allow developers to cook or port ROMS for its devices.

This effort seems to produce its first results as the first CM13 ROM will soon be available for the Vernee Thor. CM ROM will allow the long time support of the device as Cyanogenmod, the team behind CM ROMS provides great support and updates, delivering a pure Android experience with many more features added.

Vernee Thor CM13

Vernee expects more third-party developers to join the project and bring global customers the best experience when using Vernee smartphones. The hardware is there, now the software is coming. Good news for Vernee customers that see the company adding value to their devices via the Kernel Code Opening Project.

Vernee Thor CM13

For more details visit the Vernee forums following this link

In addition, the second software update of Vernee Thor will be released by OTA soon.

In other news, Vernee’s high-end smartphone Vernee Apollo Lite with Helio X20 will go on sale in June.Vernee Thor CM13