Mediatek reveals Pump Express 3.0 Fast Charge, 0 to 70% in 20 mins

by Dimitris Economou 0

Technology in the mobile industry has taken huge steps over the last decade in all aspects. Well, almost all. While every other part of a mobile device is improving, little progress has been made in battery technology. And while average capacity has increased, the efficiency remains low enough.

Pump Express 3.0
Companies are trying to cope with that disadvantage by implementing faster charging tech to their devices. So Mediatek, just introduced the third iteration of its fast charging technology, the Pump Express 3.0 that promises a 0% to 70% charging in just 20 minutes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the 100% charging will be achieved in 30-40 minutes, as the last 30% is charged much slower in order for the battery to be protected from overheating and performance degradation.

Pump Express 3.0
Pump Express 3.0 is expected to come with Helio P20-equipped phones by the end of 2016. Pump Express 3.0 works with the new USB-C charging port, which is awesome.



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