Bluboo Maya will feature customized Sony Sensor

by Dimitris Economou 2

Although smartphone cameras haven’t reached the level of a compact camera or a DSLR camera, the advancement that has been achieved over the last few years is enormous. From sensor size to pixel size and lens quality, all have taken mobile photography to a new level. So, as a good camera is a strong selling point, Bluboo Mobile sheds some light on the secret of the upcoming Bluboo Maya camera.

Bluboo Maya

Bluboo claims that the 13MP/8MP sensors from Sony is a custom one but no info yet on the model has raised. Along with the custom sensor, the company has optimized the camera performance through a custom-built camera app as one of the most important factors of a camera’s performance is the optimization of the software and codecs. If all of the above is true, it means that a new player is coming to the competitive camera smartphone market. Especially if it is a cost-effective one.

Bluboo Maya

To conclude, the basic specs of the device include a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 5.5″ HD display, Android 6 and a custom 13MP camera sensor. Soon we will know all about the device as it will be launched in June.