UMI Super Camera Samples Revealed By Company

by Suhaib 0

UMI Super is the new flagship from the Chinese brand UMI, known for manufacturing affordable smartphones. This smartphone has a lot to talk about and its camera is one of the many features in its arsenal. The company just released a few camera samples as well as a video reviewing its rear camera, you can check them out from down below.

umi super-1

UMI Super features a high-speed camera from Panasonic with reference number MN34172 which hasn’t been used on many smartphones as of now. So you can watch the video below to ascertain the camera performance.

As you can already see in the video above, you can launch the camera app without unlocking the smartphone. The camera app works smoothly and does not lag. The auto focus maintains a lock swiftly, without delay and is quite fast in comparison to other smartphones that we have seen in the past.

The shutter speed is good and you can save many photos in a matter of seconds. The camera is able to deliver what the brand promised with this smartphone. The quality of photos are good, if not great, with photos coming out with good details. The images are clear and do not get blurry when they are zoomed in. You can expect it to capture clear photos but don’t expect it to out do or perform like a DSLR.

Panorama Mode On UMI Super

umi super-3

10 Shots Per Second On UMI Super

umi super-34

Close Captures On UMI Super

umi super-4