Goldgenie Showers Huawei P9 With Gold

by Suhaib 0

Huawei P9 took the internet by storm when it first surfaced on the internet and now, this phone is again making news for a very different reason. Goldgenie will be offering its precious metal plating service for this smartphone. The metal plating options include 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

huawei p9

Goldgenie has set the price at 1500 Pounds ($2162) which comes around to 14240 Yuan for this custom makeover. It is also revealed that half of the money needs to be deposited prior so that Goldgenie start melting the metals.

huawei p9

So if you want both Leica dual lens setup and precious Gold plating then Goldgenie has got you covered. Hit the source link for more details!