Birdie: A selfie parachute for your action camera!

by Dimitris Economou 1

The new trends in the tech industry are VR headsets and drones. And while the first is “harmless” to use, drones may pose a danger if the person using them is a novice. What is more, as drones can reach a respectable height of flying, they can enter fields where other flying objects fly, like helicopters and airplanes. For that reason, in many areas there are drone-prohibited zones. Here is where Birdie jumps into the picture as having no mechanical parts, it can be used everywhere.


The idea is as simple as it is innovative. A parachute that is used to land your action camera after you have thrown it up in the air to record a short video or take a selfie photo of you and your friends at the beach or while playing football for example. Just hook your camera on the lightweight Birdie, throw it up in the air and it brings it back down slowly while the camera has time to take the shots you need.

Birdie selfie sample

The Birdie is up for crowdfunding at Indiegogo and the backers have a chance to buy the device for $35 dollars instead of the $50 price tag it will have once it reaches production phase. Go ahead and visit the Indiegoo campaign for more info and watch the videos below to have a look at the use of the Birdie (hint: it can be used as throwing toy in the sea as well).