Huawei Launching A New Product In VR On June 20, Could Be Honor 8

by Suhaib 0

All major device makers are infatuated with the concept of Virtual Reality and every major or minor brand you can possibly think of has stepped their foot into this field. Manufacturers are eager to launch their VR headsets and some key players have already done so with several improved versions with new features debuting once in a while.

Last year OnePlus did something very unexpected and something which had never been done before. They look all the OnePlus fans across the world on a virtual realistic tour through their offices. Now, Huawei’s co-brand Honor has revealed a promotional poster about the virtual launch of a product in Europe.

Honor VR

Right now it is not clear what Honor is actually talking about here but they are hyping the product with words like “fast, robust and affordable” which hints towards a phone launch. Recently, Honor 8 was exposed and according to some it will be launched on June 20, but nothing is confirmed as of now. It could be either much-rumored smartphone Honor 8 or some other phone or a totally different product. Stay tuned!

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