Get the Bluboo Maya for just $9.99, New Video Reveals UI

by Dimitris Economou 15

Great efforts have been made from Bluboo to promote its new camera smartphone, the Maya and one of them will be during the presale period.


Bluboo Maya is the new mid-range smartphone from Bluboo. It’s a smartphone that comes with decent specs and, according to Bluboo, brings high-quality Sony IMX sensor camera. The official price of  the device will be $99.99. But, as Bluboo is going to use the device to define the flagship camera phone of mid-range priced devices, they will hold a grand pre-sale event for Bluboo Maya, and the pre-sale price will be just $69.99.

Moreover, during the pre-sale event, there will be a batch of Bluboo Maya for snap up, and that will cost you just $9.99. The details of the snap up rules still remain unknown, we are waiting for the official announcement.

In addition, the company released an official video showing the complete design of the smartphone as up until now only parts of it were shown. In the video, you can also take a glimpse of the UI as well as the custom Beauty Camera app Bluboo has implemented.