UMi Super factory tour: 125 manufacturing processes

by Dimitris Economou 2

UMi Super is undeniably a very well built device and the manufacturing process it goes through includes many steps in building and in quality assurance.

UMi Super manufacturing

So this is the reason why today, UMi proudly received its first positive review for the Super model as the buyer encouraged everyone to get his hands on one by saying: “I will recommend this phone to every one.“. The company also published an insider video showing the manufacturing process of the device that goes through 125 processes to finally end up in your hands.

UMi Super production

Most current flagships get ditched as soon as a sexy younger model becomes available after it has gone through a torture shoved in a pocket or regularly get dropped during usage. That is the reason UMi picks random samples from different production lines at the end of production to test for deficiencies before going on sale.

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