Xiaomi Notebook Said To Be Releasing this summer

by Dimitris Economou 6

Xiaomi notebook has been rumored for some time now, but finally we have a reliable source information. The well known @MochaRQ revealed on Weibo that for this summer vacation, you will be able to bring a Xiaomi notebook with you. The conference for its announcement is believed to be held in a month or so, presenting “The first notebook for youngsters”.

xiaomi notebook

It is safe to say that the new device will be announced in mid-July and before the new school year begins in September, it will be listed for sale.

Taiwan Times has previously reported that the notebook is expected to start mass production in May, later than the originally planned date in the first quarter. Xiaomi’s first computer will have a 12.5″ display and aluminum body, similar to Apple Macbook Air, loaded with Windows 10.

Supply chain industry comments that the device will have an estimated first year shipments of 1 million units but more safe predictions will be made as soon as the specs and price are revealed. If the company manages to keep the price up to 3,000 Yuan, more shipments -400,000 to 1m more- are possible.


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