Bluboo Snap Up deals, all Bluboo devices from $9.9!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Bluboo anniversary is around the corner and the company is celebrating with great deal and gives you the chance to buy any of its devices at only $9.9 on June 18! There is no catch, really. Of course, there will be a limited quantity offered at $9.9 but you still have a chance if you are fast enough to buy the device you want once the countdown ends in this page.

But even if you don’t make it, don’t worry. The regular deals are also good as you get a discount of $11 to $50 anyway. The Bluboo XTouch will cost $129.99 down $50 from its regular price and the X9 will be available for $119.99 with $30 off its official price.

bluboo snap up

As for the cheaper models, the Picasso and the XFire 2 will both get a $15 discount at $64.99. In addition, the UWatch will also be a bargain at $28.99. That is $11 dollars less than its usual price.

Another surprise is that the yet to be delivered Bluboo Maya will also get a discount although it is still in presale period. It will also get the $30 discount and it also is eligible for the $9.9 snap up (limited to 50 pieces though).

Any of you interested in buying a Bluboo device? Go ahead and visit this link and be ready for the countdown! Meanwhile, you can watch a demo of the Maya that was uploaded today, down below: