Elecam 360 is now on presale

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone recently released the Elecam 360, an action camera with two 220° Fisheye – Super wide angle lenses that can record 360° video for 60 minutes thanks to its big 1,500mAh battery. The video resolution is 1080p @30 FPS and it can be uploaded straight to YouTube and WeChat.

Elecam 360

Elephone has started the presale on June 8 and it will continue until June 20 at a price of $149.99 via its official store and other online retailers. The company also uploaded two videos regarding the camera, a video sample of the camera mounted on a car driving around the streets of Hong Kong which you can see below: The video is cool, as it is 360° and you can move around the scene with the provided arrows on the top left of the video.

The second video, is an official introduction of the product, how it is used, the contents of the package and the use of the smartphone app that is used to control the camera and preview the videos in real time. What is really good, is the VR Shooting Mode that allows you to record video and watch it on your VRbox. There is a companion app for both iOS and Android so everybody (OK, except Windows Mobile users) will be able to purchase the Elecam 360.