Meizu Pro 6 Real Life Images Reveals Red & Rose Gold Color Options

by Suhaib 0

Meizu announced Meizu Pro 6 back in April and this smartphone garnered positive review from users and tech enthusiasts alike. The phone was announced in Dark Gray, Silver, Red, Gold and Rose Gold color options but the Red and Rose Gold versions haven’t seen the light of the day. But it seems like Meizu is going to release these two colors in market soon as real life image of Meizu Pro 6 has made its way to the internet.

Meizu Pro 6

As it is evident from the image above both versions of the phone looks elegant and they might be on their way to make an appearance soon. There will be no difference between the features and specifications of these versions in comparison to other Pro 6 devices apart from color tones. That being said Meizu could be announcing the next device in their line up Meizu MX6 later this month with some rumors putting the release date as June 20.