UMi to launch their next product with “ Insurance ” next week

by Dimitris Economou 1

Today an interesting leak came from an insider that UMi’s next product could have something to do with “insurance”, but it still is unsure until it unveils next week. So, we assume it will be one of the three guesses we have made below.

Umi insurance


Our first guess is about a smartphone insurance plan or warranty program that directly connects to “insurance”. There’s a lot that can happen to your phone during your usage period.,It could fall into the toilet, slip out of your hand and onto the pavement, etc. Ordinarily, when this happens, you’re on the hook for replacing your phone – which could cost hundreds of dollars but with the “insurance”, the price you pay for will reduce to 50% percent or more.

Umi insurance


Rugged phone

The second guess would be UMi is launching a new smartphone which is able to withstand all kind of extreme situations, rumored to have 3 years life time. Smartphones are always beautiful but also fragile. An insurance can only reduce your extra cost but doesn’t ensure you not breaking it. Considering many people drops and breaks their phone a lot,  it seems to be a serious demand for rugged phones.


Umi insurance

Bumper phone protector, similar to SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Jungle Case

Our last assumption is a custom-made phone cover that provides ultra strong bumper to protect your phone. Further more, an obvious reason is that the accessories are a low cost part and convenient thing like “insurance” to protect your phone. Is it possible UMi is releasing a case like SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Jungle Case?

What is your guess on the matter?