Display Comparison Of Bluboo Maya And iPhone 6S

by Suhaib 3

Chinese manufacturers are putting in a lot of effort to compete with and take on their international counterparts like Apple and this is evident from the smartphones they are making and the technology they are using. Bluboo Mobile is one such device maker who is fiercely promoting its smartphone Bluboo Maya. Now the brand has posted a video on YouTube demonstrating the comparison between the displays of Bluboo Maya and iPhone 6S. You can watch the video below.

Generally it would be totally out of context if we compare iPhone 6S and Bluboo Maya but Bluboo has packed this phone with some serious metal and the video above shows this. Bluboo Maya makes use of 5.5 inch JDI HD display with 94% saturation and also comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection with anti fingerprint coating.  The display on iPhone 6S is highly advanced and comes with many cutting edge features but if we compare the display qualities then Bluboo Maya easily takes the lead sans the technology. Stay Tuned!

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