Vernee Thor vs the Laser: Durability test

by Dimitris Economou 1

All kind of durability tests are held all on the internet involving smartphones and the new trend is the manufacturers uploading their own test for their devices. Today, we have a test from Vernee that shows a Vernee Thor against a laser beam.

Vernee Thor laser

In order to make sure of the laser’s force, it is first used to put fire on a flower. As a matter of fact, the flower starts smoking very fast. Then, the same laser is applied on a specific point on the display for one minute. The result is impressive, as neither the glass nor the LCD behind the glass were damaged at all. One would assume that at least the LCD would get a black spot (burned) but it didn’t.

Thor laser

Vernee gives us some specs about the laser used. The common laser used in these flashes includes red light(650-660nm), green light(532nm), blue light(445-450nm) and blue-purple light(405nm). The laser flash consumes high power when working and will generate a lot of heat when turned on. With the same power, blue purple light laser generates more heat than red light, and green light least.

Below you can watch the video and judge for yourself.

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