LG to supply Huawei and Xiaomi with OLED displays

by Dimitris Economou 3

As the OLED technology has matured enough through the years it seems that the time has come for the LCD displays to retire. At least for the high-end devices. More and more companies choose OLED technology to equip their flagships and Samsung is the biggest provider, with 95% of AMOLED displays in the mobile industry coming from the Korean giant.


LG is the other company that has developed OLED displays but until now hasn’t managed to get much attention as it doesn’t even use the OLED displays in its own products, apart from the proof-of-concept Flex Series.


So now the two companies will target to different markets, as Samsung is prepping an onslaught in the only market it has little to none presence, i.e. that of laptop panels, while LG will be ramping up production of small-size OLED displays for handsets. Towards the end of the year, however, not only will LG start using OLED panels in its own phones more often, but it is also tipped to supply Xiaomi and Huawei with such screen for new handsets of their own.


Given that those two are the top phone sellers in China, LG will have a big customer base for its displays and the only thing left is for the company to deliver. It would be interesting to see which devices from Xiaomi will end up using such screens, too, but the source says it will be an “edge” display.

Don’t forget that Apple is said to employ AMOLED display for the iPhone 8, likely an edge display that will come with a new user interaction paradigm.