UMi Super camera: Shoot like a pro

by Dimitris Economou 2

UMi is very proud of the camera sensor quality that it has implemented into the UMi Super and wants us to learn more about the hidden features and tricks that you may have not noticed. So, the company made a video of its favorite tips and tricks that can help you take a better photo with your own UMi Super in 10 seconds.

There is an obvious trick inside the camera app that every UMi Super user should know. Swiping the camera interface from the bottom, 15 editing filters are available for your photos. Some like sketchy effects that make photos more artistic.  You can use Camera to edit existing images, and share them to varying social accounts . The camera also offers locking focus for UMi Super’s camera. Just tap on a specific spot to focus the camera on it, whereupon it will be enclosed in a square.

Taking photos as a pro

If your are a photographer, one of the most essential features of the UMi Super’s camera is the ability to manually set focus and exposure by choosing in the inside list. That, along with the HDR mode, help photos look better,particularly when it comes to taking photos with low light conditions.

UMi Super camera

The UMi Super uses a 13MP Panasonic imaging sensor, there is a long list of advantages that the new 13MP Panasonic bring: it comes with better sensitivity, less color cross talk. If you’re serious about improving your photography with your UMi Super, you should definitely try every feature it comes along.

And don’t forget, after one month of successful launch of UMi Super, its presale still continues.

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