Vernee Apollo Lite durability test during production

by Dimitris Economou 0

An interesting video was uploaded today by Vernee, showing the durability test conducted by the company during the Apollo Lite manufacturing. Serious companies put their devices through serious testing to ensure nothing goes wrong and as it seems Vernee has the required seriousness while testing Apollo Lite.

Vernee Apollo Lite

In the video below, you can see the device going through several tests, to ensure good resistance of the paint to water and alcohol abrasion, soft bending test to ensure you don’t end up with a shattered display if you accidentally sit on your device and physical button test that ensures full button functionality even after thousand of presses.

Apollo Lite

Furthermore, you will see drop tests from both low and high heights, USB Type -C test that puts the port through a large number of insertion-extraction to ensure it is durable enough and lastly, tumbling test. The last is to ensure the correct functioning of the gyroscope sensors, we assume. For more info, watch the video below: