Meizu To Launch More Smart Home Products In Addition to its Router

by Suhaib 0

According to the latest information, Meizu will be announcing many smart home products in the market. Recently, Meizu has launched a router and additional smart products are on its way. This move on the part of Meizu comes in order to take on another local device maker Xiaomi which leads in smart home products. s_b0762661a434487b890035dba795c1ea

Meizu plans to create a smart home network with series of devices connected via a WiFi network. The router which Meizu unveiled earlier is one such device and it offers a signal strength 25% more powerful than ordinary routers. Also, the speed of this router is three times faster as compared to speeds of other routers available in the market. It appears that Meizu has bigger plans in the form of setting up a smart home network and this router is the first step in that direction.

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Below are some of the products that we are expecting from Meizu.

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