Users complain about OnePlus 3 Ads On HydrogenOS

by Dimitris Economou 1

Adding ads in order to survive in the phone ROM is understandable, and OnePlus had previously promised that “we won’t profit by inserting advertising in the tool”, but it seems otherwise.

According to some OnePlus 3 users, the company has added a “Live services” section in the Hydrogen OS (China-specific OS for OnePlus)  on the Dial interface, a one-stop service offering prepaid ticket, express taxi, gourmet, entertainment etc but the columns could not be closed, and advertising, is not particularly useful. Users also found out that some of these services are not competitive in terms of price.

Hyrdogen OS ads

System Services and applications aren’t many, OnePlus did not go too far, but the strange thing is, OnePlus service login account is not a plus account as the company apparently outsourced the whole thing without seamless integration with the system.

Hyrdogen OS ads

Looks like the problems continue globally after the criticism the company received for limiting the allowed background apps to gain battery life despite the 6GB RAM. The new Hydrogen OS needs further refinement as it seems. But it’s nothing that a new update can’t fix.

Hyrdogen OS ads