OnePlus 3 Teardown Reveals Its Internals (Video)

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OnePlus 3 was launched after months of speculation and numerous rumors making their way to the internet almost every day. The specs of this phone are really eye catching and the looks are good too. So now let’s see what it holds inside its metal body and here we bring you the teardown of OnePlus 3. FoneArena has posted this video which you watch below showing the internals of this phone.


oneplus 3 teardown


First of all, the back panel was pry open by removing screws and with the help of other tools. It is carved out of single block of aluminum like OnePlus stated.

oneplus 3 teardown

The back panel houses the vibration motor, antenna connectors and at the bottom there were holes for speaker grill and USB Type-C port.

oneplus 3 teardown

Next, metal shielding is removed to reveal the ribbon which connects the USB Type-C port, speaker, and microphone to the motherboard.

oneplus 3 teardown


After that, the USB assembly is unscrewed where two ribbons are revealed which connects the fingerprint sensor to the USB assembly.

oneplus 3 teardown

The USB assembly holds the USB Type-C port which comes with dash charging support.

oneplus 3 teardown

Now, the rear and front cameras are revealed. As mentioned in the specs, the rear shooter is a 16MP shooter with Sony IMX 298 sensor whereas the front shooter is an 8MP shooter with Sony IMX 179 sensor.

oneplus 3 teardown oneplus 3 teardown

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The proximity light sensor and ambient light sensor are part of the logic board as well. Below are the other components of this phone which includes NXP audio amplifier, 6GB RAM from Samsung, Qualcomm PM8996 power management IC, Qualcomm RF360 envelope tracker and dual nano SIM slots.

OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-22 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-01 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-02 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-03 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-04

Following are the 64GB UFS storage, Skyworks amplifier, LED flash and fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-07 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-05 OnePlus-3-Teardown_fonearena-08