Why UMi Super’s Battery Lifetime And Chip Set Performance Is Better Than Meizu M3 Note [Video]

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We have seen many brands promoting their smartphones prior to the launch but rare ones promoting it after launch. Umi is one of the brands who is promoting and hyping its smartphone, Umi Super by highlighting its features even after its launch. Yesterday Umi pushed second OTA update to Umi Super which brought many performance improvements and bug fixes.

umi super

Now the brand has posted a video on YouTube which shows why Umi Super’s battery and performance is better than the rival brand Meizu M3 Note. You can check the video below.

Hardware & Software Optimization

The test in the video was carried out by PCMARK and according to them, Umi Super scored 4049 points whereas Meizu M3 Note scored 3470 points. Umi Super scoring higher points show that it can load heavy games much faster than Meizu M3 Note.

umi super

Umi Super Has Better Chipset Performance

Umi Super comes equipped wth Helio P10 octa-core chipset aided by 4GB RAM from Samsung. On the other hand, Meizu M3 Note comes with the same chipset but with 3GB RAM which is the main reason behind better performance on Umi Super.

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Better Battery Life 

umi super

Umi Super comes equipped with a 4000mAh battery with PE quick charge tech whereas Meizu M3 Note packs a 4100mAh battery without fast charge tech. After 30 minutes of screen time, battery test following are the results.

  • Umi Super –         31% battery left
  • Meizu M3 Note- 28% battery left

According to Umi, the better battery life is due to smart RAM management, background task clear setting and smart battery saving mode.