Elephone’s ELE UI coming to Elephone S3

by Dimitris Economou 1

Elephone has taken hardware seriously and -lately- software too and is constantly trying to provide the best user experience either via OTA updates or through its own customization of the Android OS. This is case with the ELE UI.



The ELE UI has been developing, being tested by Elephone engineers for months and now it’s finally ready to face the world. Users of Elephone S3 are the first ones to experience it by updating through OTA. The UI appears in the form of Launcher and users can find the option in the home screen in settings and choose from Android original UI and ELE Launcher.

Compared to Android original UI, ELE Launcher now has custom app icons, no app drawer and has an upgraded ease of use and visual aesthetics. It also supports themes and icon packs. You can see it in action running on an Elephone S3 side by side with another S3 with the classic Android launcher in thew following video.