Huawei CEO Comments On Rumors about its Independent OS

by Suhaib 1

Yesterday, we reported that Huawei might be developing its own Operating System for its smartphones. It is reported that engineers from other big brands are working with Huawei to develop its OS. This led to emerging of reports that Huawei will be absorbing engineers from other brands in the forthcoming days to speed up the OS development press.

Huawei OS

Though nothing is quite confirmed as of now but the new OS is said to go by the name of Kirin OS. Now, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, said on his Weibo account that Android has promoted the development of smartphones, thereby benefiting customers. He further said that as long as Google maintains the openness of Android OS and keep supporting other devices Huawei will keep using it.

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He did not deny the reports about the development of Kirin OS, so how Huawei maintains the OS and promotes it will be worth watching in the future. Huawei could definitely take some lessons from Windows 10 Mobile OS and Samsung’s Tizen OS.